Hi There,

If you’re wondering who is writing this, that’d be me, Micah. Check out that sweet photo of me and my wife. I love to create media, rock climb, and mountain bike. But I’m not the fearless creative. At least not yet. 

I’ve worked in media for almost ten years now and have seen many amazing things people are able to create. And I have equal passion for leading projects as well as supporting others as they pursue theirs. But I also know this is a field pot-holed with self-doubt, discouragement, and fear. This fear manifests in different ways for different creatives but it universally steals our best ideas. At best it keeps them hidden away on computer drives or storage shelves; at worst, they never leave the safety of our own imaginations.

But I want to believe in a leading a creative life unhindered by fear. Putting forth my best and leaving fear behind. Perhaps my best won’t be enough. But maybe it will be. Maybe it will affect you. It will definitely change me.  

That’s the invitation. Join me and my team and together lets make some amazing things. Better yet, lets live fearlessly. 

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